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Education/Public Speaking

A recognized educator in the trust owned life insurance (TOLI) world, Michael has spoken in venues as small as local estate or financial planning councils and as large as main platforms at national conferences. He focuses on simplifying the complex world of life insurance and fills his presentations with real-world experiences that bring his information to life.

While the sessions below are the most popular, he is always developing new topics. Email Michael directly if you need a speaker who will inform and entertain while providing information the audience will find helpful in their day to day business.

The Wealth Advisors Guide to Life Insurance
A session based on his book, it takes the audience through the life cycle of a policy laying out a process for policy selection and purchase.  The session taps into Michael’s background in policy management offering guidance for ongoing policy stewardship, including steps that should be taken if policy goals have changed. Like the book, this session provides comprehensive guidance so attendees can immediately assist clients in the use of life insurance.

What Advisors Need to Know About Life Settlements
Selling a policy can potentially maximize its value – especially if it is no longer needed.  But the process is often murky, at best.  This session takes the audience behind the scenes to explain life settlements and shows a prudent process to make thoughtful decisions about the sale of a policy. Attendees will learn when to sell a policy (and just as important when not too) and how to get the most value for the policy – information found in very few places.

How TOLI Trustees Can Keep From Getting Sued
Based on his decade-plus experience handling thousands of policies for fiduciaries, Michael lays out the steps to be taken by a trustee (bank, trust company, family office, attorney, CPA or otherwise) to mitigate liability and dramatically increase customer service.  Each year, millions of dollars in checks are written behind closed doors by TOLI trustees. This session will teach you how you can reduce the chances that one of those checks has your signature at the bottom.  A TOLI Trustee Handbook will be provided at the session.

"In my sessions I try to provide fiduciaries and advisors with practical information they can take back to their office and use to help their clients, increase customer service and improve their business model."